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Congrés International sur la Conduite autonome et l’impact sur la sécurité routièreInternational

The International Congress on Autonomous Driving and the Impact on Traffic Safety will be held in Lisbon at Tivoli Hotel in 13-14th of October 2016. This great event will be organized in collaboration with the very appreciated contribution of PRP-Portugal. We are pleased to invite prospective conference speakers and presenters to submit their abstracts for consideration by the Program Committee.

International Road Safety Conference 2016

National Council for Traffic Safety on the roads is the governing body in the country, specializing in road traffic, which operate and take care of performance, promotion and development of cooperation and coordination in the prevention work of state bodies, institutions, legal entities and other entities on issues of self-protection in the field of road traffic and initiate cooperation and implementation of activities and measures to improve safety in road traffic.


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