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International Symposium for the prevention of traffic accidents "Towards a safe road"

This symposium gathered representatives from road safety organisations and ministries from the Arab region and several European countries to discuss road safety strategies, road safety campaigns, traffic education, traffic infrastructure and other road safety themes. By hosting and co-organising this symposium, the Libyan Ministry of Transportation has indicated its interest in improving road safety in Libya.

11th PRI World Congress 2009

Road traffic accidents are the world’s leading cause of death among 15-19 year-olds. Over 350,000 young people worldwide are killed on the roads each year. This congress will deal with the most important facts about young people and road safety and look at possible innovative solutions to make traffic safer for them. Important issues which will be discussed are communication with and through young people, lifestyle, the peer group approach, gender differences, accompanied driving, political agenda setting and best practices.


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